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With almost 25 years of experience, I have helped hundreds of clients around the world.

Silicon Valley Standards at Small Town Prices.

Website Modernization

Website Modernization

Rule of thumb: Have someone review and update your website every 3 years – Standards change. Do you need to update? Let’s talk and see.

New Websites

No website? You are in the right place. Let’s get you up and visible for a price substantially less than you expect to haggle about.

Wordpress Security and Reporting

Not gonna pitch OMG FEAR!, but you should have monthly reports providing detailed information on your site’s security, visitors, speed, and more.

Site Speed / SEO Testing

Site Speed / SEO Testing

Used car salesmen of the digital age. Allow me to explain how it REALLY works and save you some Tubmans.

Modern Compliance Checks

Modern Compliance Checks

The website your nephew who “totally got this” built in ’09 is out of date. Let’s make your updated site one that actually gets visitors and potentially generates income.

Veteran Owned / Honest Feedback

Veteran Owned / Honest Feedback

Questions? Confused? Ask! Consultations are FREE. I’m happy to help with small fixes as well.

Address each customer’s needs. Deliver what they didn’t know they needed, at a price that ensures enthusiastic referrals.

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