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Bartlett Cabinet Logo

If you need a logo for your website I have a network of graphic designers that will work with you to ensure your logo is the best it can be.

From “first contact” to final design – these images highlight the process of design, to re-design, to an awesome finished product.

The Project:

Updating a website for a well-established company that also needed a modern logo.

Let’s look at a 15+ year-old business card and bring it into the 21st Century.

Took a while – but we nailed it.

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The Fun Part:

I contacted Greg Cooper from Idea Circus to handle the graphic design.

Ignoring the fact that he was a lead designer at eBay, to me, he is a friend with talent.

It took about 3-4 rounds of ideas to find the image that we all agreed stood out amongst all others.

It was a fun, affordable design process for the client.

At the end of the day –  happy client and a professional logo to be proud of.