Don't Meet the Bar - Set It

Can't Touch This

Under Promise - Over Deliver

I hate seeing people get ripped off. I love working on computer projects. I believe in long term relationships built on trust and performance. I believe in quality. constructive criticism, honest conversations, personal integrity and the humbling phrase “I don’t know – but I’ll find out.”

Tier pricing is horrible. It’s lazy. After years of experience and hours of research, I am confident that I can provide under-market prices that meet my personal goals while exceeding yours.

2022 polls show: “The Standard WordPress Website, which has a more hands-on approach and is ideal for marketing, costs $3,000 to $5,000. The eCommerce WordPress Website is designed for beginning and intermediary businesses and costs in the range of $6,000 to $14,000.

I consistently endeavor to beat market prices with better products, and ecstatic clients.

Websites - The Basics

Each project is unique, and some of these items may not apply. There may be additional “aha” moments. When I hand you the keys to whatever we create, rest assured my sole purpose is to underpromise and overachieve.

Whether we are creating something from scratch or working on a remodel, here is a non-inclusive list of what you will receive as a minimum. Consider these key points we can discuss together in detail.

A large number of the items in this base configuration are usually charged as à la carte items by other developers and companies. Not on my watch. I encourage you to compare – and then I look forward to working with you!

  • Existing site? Evaluate host, pricing, etc. Make Recommendations.
  • New site? Research host, pricing, etc. for best deal.
  • Set up new server, database, emails.
  • Indentify, install and configure a professional theme.
  • Ensure mobile and tablet compatibility.
  • Install and configure all core Wordpress components.
  • Install and configure my curated list of plug-ins and modules.
  • Remove unneeded add-ins that some hosts install by default.
  • Provide automatic image compression for fast load times.
  • Connect the site to Google analytics for in-depth statistics.
  • Training and explanations in plain English, Layman's terms.
  • Provide business process suggestions to keep it all easy.
  • Provide reliable server-side Malware protection.
  • FREE SSL! Secure communications for eCommerce (Setup Fee)
  • Secure your site with a server-side firewall.
  • Set you up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success.
  • Ensure social media integration and hands-free business flow.
  • Implement pop-up light boxes for images in blog posts / site pages.
  • Provide a plug-in for client testimonials.
  • "Our Team" integration with headshots and bios.
  • Contact form? Of course that's included!
  • A Frequently Asked Questions page that looks amazing.
  • Review, review, review. This will have my name on it and I want referrals.
  • 1 free month of site maintenance and hand-holding. With reports!

Special Services - The Good Stuff

This is where it gets interesting. I typically only take on projects I find interesting or to help out non-profits, verterans, and small businesses.

Once the core website is up and running these would all be additional charges based on the complexity and time involved.

I will always find you the best solutions with the most professional presentation – at the lowest cost.

  • Need a Logo? I can refer you to superior graphic design talent.
  • Social media marketing? Create and automate account workflow.
  • eCommerce? From one product to thousands - can do.
  • Gorgeous event calendar - amazing functionality for your visitors.
  • Ticket Sales? Keep your profits. We can integrate your own.
  • Events with ticket sales and assigned seating.
  • Podcasting. Complete integration with iTunes and other platforms.
  • Newsletters. Integration with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • Focused trade sites. Realtor? Running for office? Let's build it!
  • PayPal payments and donations - easy.
  • If you have seen it somewhere else - I can do it better, cheaper...
  • ... or not. If it's outside my wheelhouse I'll admit it. "Integrity"

Monthly Maintenance

The Age Old Cunundrum

“Nothing works, why am I paying him?” vs. “Nothing is broken, why am I paying him?”

Conventional wisdom states: “$200/month is a very reasonable rate. This equates to 1.25-2h of billable per month in the US. This is in line with what our agency charges clients. It would get you exactly that amount of attention from a professional each month which is a reasonable amount of time to perform backups, manually apply updates, smoke test, check various monitors and troubleshoot any issues with upgrades. Some months it takes less time, some months it takes more time.”

For major changes, we will discuss whether hourly or package pricing is the best route.  Minor changes and fixes? I’ve got you covered.

The services I provide in my monthly maintenance package are:

  • Unlimited 1-2 hour updates per month, per website
  • Core WordPress files updated
  • All plugins and themes updated
  • Secure backups at least weekly.
  • Continuous malware scanning and protection.
  • SEO optimization suggestions.
  • Performance optimization of new content.
  • Content beautification. Optional.
  • Remote access for troubleshooting.
  • Post revisions deleted.
  • Database cleaned for performance.
  • Spam comments removed.
  • Detailed Google analytics provided.
  • Detailed monthly reports.
  • Phone and eMail support.
  • Uptime monitoring.

Monthly Package Pricing:

Month to Month $195.00
   Save:  Cost:
3 Months Prepaid $585.00 5% $30.00 $555.00
6 Months Prepaid $1,170.00 7% $80.00 $1090.00
12 Months Prepaid $2,340.00 10% $240.00


Second Site? Take 25% off the standard package rate.  Three Sites or more? Take 50% off each additional one.

Non-Profit and Veteran’s Discount? Yes! Contact me to discuss your discounted rate.


Bonus! You receive 2 months of additional maintenance support for each referral that ends up in a new gig.

My goal is to provide service and support that compels you to share your experience.

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