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No man stands alone. I continue to culminate a diverse group of professional personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to any project I am involved with. If it's outside my skill set, I have trusted colleagues with the proven expertise to exceed client expectations.

Curran OmniMedia Team

I believe in delivering on projects in a way that exceeds expectations and establishes life-long relationships. All I have is my name – and client trust that everything I do is in their best interest, with the highest of standards and digital professionalism.


Daniel B. Curran Jr.


In the words of David Byrne – “Well, How did I get here?”

I remember living in military housing and locking myself in a room with my first computer in 1995, magically connecting to this thing called “The Internet”. (Shout-out to the wife’s patience!)

The opportunities my curiosity serendipitously opened up and the people I have met, worked for, worked with and been privileged to have offered my services to have been amazing.

And here we are. How may I help YOU?


Ava Curran

Head of DR (Doggo Resources)

Ava ensures business is interrupted, walks are conducted, pets are given, ropes are pulled and general sanity maintained.

She was adopted by her forever home March 23rd, 2017 at which time she lied to her new guardians and told them she was 6 months old. Vet records showed she was 9 months.

She attends most meetings and is a gud doggo.

Look down. She’s is very connected digitally speaking.


Greg Cooper

Contracted Graphic Designer

Greg has been an art director/design nerd with a number of agency, game, media and tech companies for 25+ years with a background in video, web, branding, marketing & content.

Referring to a LinkedIn comment about him – “After extensive interviewing as we built the first internal marketing creative services team at eBay, Greg stood out among the crowd. He has an expansive knowledge base of all the much-needed graphics and technical applications.”

When the graphical needs of Curran OmniMedia call for an industry professional – Greg is the guy we go to.

Need to Talk?

Need to Talk?


Operating Out Of

Operating Out Of

Silicon Valley, California.
Veteran Owned.



After my second cup of coffee. Please. Other than that I am very flexible.

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