Wix? Oh No.
Let's Make this SHINE!

Asked for a VW - Delivered a Tesla

This was a super fun, sometimes frustrating, rebuild for a client in her late 80’s. I love the concept of her artwork and the course she designed for students. Frustrating on my end trying to figure some stuff out and realizing I was over-thinking it. Super fun because the client was patient, knew what she wanted, taught me a few things about art and color, and was generally awesome to work with.

A simple modernization? Ha! Let me exceed your expectations!

The Project:

Writing Now!

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Proud to Help

Wanna know what is super rewarding? When the client writes this about you on her website:

Don’t let the casual atmosphere of his “office” fool you.  Working outdoors in a breezeway with chickens and other beasts nearby, Dan is laid back yet highly effective.  He worked with me, a very low-tech client, and never lost his patience.  We used a “theme” for my website that had some annoying restrictions, yet Dan was able to produce almost everything I requested.

I am delighted with the attractive colorful end result and very grateful for Dan’s expertise.  If you are looking for someone to help you build or remodel a website, I highly recommend Daniel’s services.

C’Mon – How good does that make a person feel?